Police frustrate MP Mufalali’s assault case

Police in Lusaka have referred Senanga member of Parliament Likando Mufalali back to Kabwe to report his complaint of assault he allegedly suffered at the hands of Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani’s aides.

Mr Mufalali confirmed to the Daily Nation that he had taken a step into the matter and opened a docket in Lusaka but was later referred back to Kabwe where the incident happened.

This is in a matter in which the Inspector General of Police’s aides on Monday beat up and threatened to shoot Mr Mufalali for allegedly interfering with the Police chief’s high speed convoy on the Ndola -Lusaka highway.

Mr Mufalali said he would make every effort to ensure he got back to the police in Kabwe, where the police first refused to handle the matter.

“Police in Lusaka have refused to handle the matter because the incident did not happen in their jurisdiction, and they have referred me to Kabwe where they said the incident happened,” he said.

Mr Mufalali said he would pursue the matter until justice prevailed because he was like any other common citizen.

He said he was disappointed with the behaviour of the police, adding that they should have nothing to hide to protect wrong doing.

“One fun thing is that the police are quick to act when the case does not involve them, and where they are involved they are reluctant to pursue the matter,” he said.

And Mr Mufalali said he had identified one of the IG’s aides, believed to have been driving a police high way patrol ZP1966 B.

And Mr Mufalali further said he had also lodged a complaint to the chief security at Parliament to have his confiscated car keys and parliamentary identity card back.