PPCA promotes professional police

The Police Public Complaint Authority (PPCA) says it wants to promote a professional police service which everycitizen will be proud of.

PPCA Chairperson, James Mwanakatwe, has said a professional police body could play a key role in promoting foreign investment and fosteringnational development.

He noted that with a compromised police, investors would be shunning toinvest in the country because of fears of instability, stating that aprofessional police service also created a conducive environment forpeople to conduct business thereby promoting development. Mr Mwanakatwe said police played a critical role in promoting good governancein a democratic society and it was for this reason that PPCA was formed to checkthe way police officers operated.

He said this when he held sensitisation meetings with bothgovernment officials and the public in the Kaputa Council Chamber. Mr Mwanakatwe said the authority had embarked on sensitisation programmes aroundthe country to sensitize people on their role and help resolve theconflicts between police and the public.

And PPCA vice chairperson, Emmanuel Chileshe, said the Patriotic Front (PF) government had shown good intentions to allow the police workprofessionally through empowering the authority. Mr Chileshe noted that although the authority came into operation in 2002 it never performed according to expectation due to lack offunding by the previous government.

He also reiterated the call to have a professional police service, adding that the authority wanted this to be achieved within five years.

Earlier, Kaputa District Commissioner, Chrispine Kachusha, said therewas need for the authority to extend the meetings from just meetingHeads of Departments to various people to get their complaints. Mr Kachusha said a lot of people had complained against the police, adding thatmeeting them could provide solutions to the problem.