The opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) and the United Party for National Development (UPND) have been advised to stop attacking each other and instead concentrate on how best they can serve the Zambians if anyone of them was given the privilege to govern the country.

And the Lunda Royal Establishment has cautioned the opposition political parties to stop flaring tribal tension through media houses whose agenda is to propagate hat messages against other political leaders.

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has observed that there was need for unity of purpose among opposition political parties because their common agenda was to provide effective checks and balances to the current government.

FODEP executive director MacDonald Chipenzi said it was disheartening that the two major political parties had continued attacking and maligning each other when their common agenda was to provide an alternative to the current government.

He wondered why the UPND and the MMP had continued disparaging each other with one calling the other a tribal political party while the other was declaring the other obsolete.

Mr Chipenzi said it was the prayer of his organisation that the two major political parties would stop perceiving each other as enemies adding it was important to note that politics was not a contest of maligning each other but a call to serve the electorate.

He said the latest spats between the MMD and the UPND were totally uncalled for and appealed to the leadership of the two political parties to ceasefire and concentrate on keeping the Patriotic Front (PF) government in constant checks from its excesses.

Mr Chipenzi said it was unnecessary for the two opposition political parties to continue fighting when they had a common ‘enemy’ in the name of the PF that had not only hijacked the constitution making process but was determined to kill the entire process so that Zambia could continue with the current flawed document.

He explained that the two political parties were part of the Grand Coalition on the Constitution and that it was politically incorrect for them to be seen to be quarrelling in public.

He said their political differences could easily make the ruling party take advantage and use their differences to discredit the call and demands for President Sata to immediately release the draft constitution and prove a road map for the process.

“We would love to pray that there must be peace and unity between the two major opposition political parties because they are part of the Grand Coalition on the constitution.

Their unity and friendliness to each other is important for the continued battle of demanding for the new constitution.

We get deeply concerned when such political parties forget their common agenda and enemy and begin attacking each other and for all they do not know, their common enemy is happily watching. It is our hope that they will cease fire and begin working for the common good of providing serious checks to the excesses of the PF government. It will be easy for the enemy to slip through if they continue to fight each other,” Mr Chipenzi said.

He said there were better means by the opposition political parties to resolving their differences and that they should not use political platforms to slander the characters of their individual leadership.

Mr Chipenzi said the PF had openly declared itself an enemy of the people by refusing to deliver a people-driven constitution and that Zambians had placed their hopes in the opposition leadership to compel government to listen to the demands of the people.

He advised that the opposition political parties to always avoid falling into the temptation of feeling more wanted and important than the other stating that every political party had a role to play in ensuring that those in power remained accountable to the citizens.

And Prince Bill Kaping’a of the Lunda Royal Establishment has advised the opposition political party leaders to refrain from promoting tribal hatred in their quest to win the sympathy of the voters.

Prince Kaping’a said it was unfortunate that the failure by the some opposition political parties had been used to malign the leadership of other political parties.