GBM shocked by accusation

Arizona Marketing and Distribution proprietor Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba is shocked that his driver Ernest Mwambazi who has been implicated in the loss of 430 bags of soya beans worth K57 190 which he was supposed to transport to South Africa, has been allowed to lodge a complaint against him (Mwamba).

Mwambazi who is a driver for Arizona Marketing and Distribution was assigned to go to Chirundu to pick up a truck loaded with Soya Beans but while in an area called Beatrice on the Zimbabwean side, he (Mwambazi) allegedly decided to sell 430 out of the 600 by 50 kilogrammes bags valued at K57, 190 and faked accident after wards.

The truck in now in South Africa with an accident damage.

Mr Mwamba told the Daily Nation from Johannesburg in South Africa yesterday that he was shocked to have learnt that Mwambazi who had been on the run was escorted to central police by a newspaper to report a false report of threats.

Mr Mwamba said it was surprising that Mwambazi who should have been arrested for the loss of  Soya Beans belonging to Zdanakie Commodities after he had been reported to Central Police. He was instead allowed to lodge a complaint against him (GBM). The Kasama Central Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament said apart from 430 by 50 kilogrammes of Soya Beans, Mwambazi is alleged to have decanted diesel from the truck worth K3, 700, gone away with two heavy duty batteries valued at K4 800 and a tent worth K600.

Mr Mwamba said Mwambazi changed his mobile phone number and for days could not be reached and only surfaced at the Central police in the company of a named newspaper staffer where he was purported to have been lodging a complaint against him (Mwamba).

He said his South African office made frantic efforts to get in touch with him after the reported accident at an area called Beatrice in Zimbabwe but Mwambazi could not be traced as his phone had been switched off. He said a Good Samaritan later spotted Mwambazi and alerted him (Mwamba) in South Africa who after being called and informed about the said accident claimed ignorance about the information.

“Our driver Mwambazi was sent to Chirundu to pick a truck loaded with 600 by 50 kilogrammes bags of Soya Beans belonging to Zdanakie Commodities. While on the Zimbabwean side at a place called Beatrice, he faked an accident and allegedly stole 22 out of 30 tones of the Soya Beans. When we sent people to investigate, it was discovered that there was no accident and about 430 by 50 kilogrammes bags of the Soya Beans belonging to Zdanakie Commodities had been sold. Somebody called us that the driver had sold the beans after claiming he was involved in an accident.

What is surprising however is that a certain newspaper has decided to protect this criminal to a point of giving him coverage,” Mr Mwamba said.

Mr Mwamba explained that after learning that Mwambazi had lied about the accident, he sent three more drivers to Chirundu who reported that there was no accident and that the truck was intact and that it had since been driven to South Africa.

Mr Mwamba said Mwambazi tried to cover up by reporting to the Zimbabwean police that he had been involved in an accident and that his passport had allegedly been stolen .

“He (Mwambazi) also stole three batteries, 350 liters of fuel, cash amounting to K2, 600 meant to toll fees before changing his mobile number. I managed to find him but when I asked about what was happening, he told me that he did not know what I was talking about.

We reported him to police under the CIO rural crime but the man we had been looking for was at Central police escorted by a photographer,” Mr Mwamba said.

Mr Mwamba wondered why the newspaper was protecting a criminal whose criminal activities had been reported stating that his lawyers were currently studying the matter and that appropriate action would be taken soon.