Given Lubinda forgives enemies

Given Lubinda has has forgiven his enemies within the Patriotic Front (PF)who schemed for his downfall, which resulted in his losing his ministerial position and the membership of the party’s central committee .

He said this yesterday when he featured on the Millennium Radio programme; “The Interview”.

Mr Lubinda who is Kabwata member of Parliament said he had courage to confront some of his enemies by telling them off and declaring that he had forgiven them and that he did not hold any bitterness against them.

“I told them that if I don’t tell you, it means I have not forgiven you, I have forgiven you. I came to realise that during that period, I was acting like a very foolish man who was carrying this bitterness like a person drinking poison slowly and saying he must die, he must die.

“It was me who was dying and not them. They were going about their things happily and I was suffering. So I decided that no!; can you take this cup of poison away from me, can you take this cup of bitterness away from me and let me be who I am,” he said.

Mr. Lubinda said he could not afford to keep the bitterness because he could have died before aging.

“I have no bitterness against anyone, I am totally at peace firstly with myself, I am at peace with everybody and whoever had a hand in this, I am sure that they have realised that I am at peace. I don’t carry the grudge; I don’t want to die before I age,” he said.

He said he felt disappointed after some of his colleagues in the ruling party schemed against him on allegations that he was selling party secrets to the Daily Nation, the opposition political parties and some other bodies. Mr. Lubinda who is former Minister of Foreign Affairs said he was not a traitor in the PF as perceived by some PF officials.

“I am still as innocent as I have always been, am still as innocent as I was in 2006 when United Liberal Party (ULP) formed a pact with the Patriotic Front party and later became a member of the PF.

“Whatever happens, happens for a reason, I have to be honest, I was quiet bitter…So when this episode of carrying mock coffins happened and so forth, then I knew I was being victimised, I was so bitter,” said Mr. Lubinda. He said he had completely forgiven people who wanted him out of the party and has healed from the victimisation he went through. Mr. Lubinda said he had cried enough and that he could no longer cry but to stand up and pick up broken pieces and move on.

“But like the old adage says; time heals, over time I have come to understand things better, I have come to look at things with a clear vision and I say to myself, so be it I cannot continue to cry,” said Mr. Lubinda.

Mr. Lubinda said he was disappointed with his colleagues in the PF because he felt that they wanted to push him out of the party.

“I want to inform you and listeners that I heard about my suspension through the press and to-date I have not received any letter telling me that I was suspended. Certainly I received two letters alleging that I had done this and that and that I was leaking information to the Daily Nation Newspapers and the opposition and so forth. There was also an element in there that I was actually a suspect of espionage. “I was also suspected that I had leaked information to a foreign national and not a foreign company but a foreign government, a state. And I responded to deny all those allegations before I was called for a meeting which I believed that it was going to be a hearing, at that meeting there were colleagues of mine who were sitting and asking me why are these things happening,” he said.

Mr. Lubinda said to-date he had not received the judgement, adding that, “I don’t know what I was found guilty of. On this one I still stand accused because even when they said my suspension has come to an end, I did not receive a letter. I just saw in the press that my suspension is over; I am free to interact with the rest of the party. But as far as I am concerned this never happened at all. You know the provisions of the PF constitution is that if you are not happy or dissatisfied with the ruling you can use that ruling to appeal to the senior organ, but now what is it that I can use now. I have got nothing.”


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