MMD is jealousy of UPND

UPND in Southern Province has advised the MMD’s leadership to concentrate on finding solutions to the problems the party is facing rather than attacking its fellow opposition political party.

Provincial trustee Fred Siasuntwe says the MMD should just admit the fact that the party is dying politically.

Mr Siasuntwe who is a former DC in the MMD government charged that the recent attacks by the MMD leader Nevers Mumba where he was quoted as having called a UPND a regional party were misplaced and retrogressive.

He said it was not the problem of UPND that MMD members were crossing to the UPND every other day.

Mr Siasuntwe said the UPND would not waste its time quarreling with a party which he said was politically dead and was only waiting for burial.

He told the Daily Nation that the decision by Dr. Mumba to use a traditional ceremony to attack the UPND was clear that he was bitter with the fast growing popularity of the UPND.“We will not accept Nevers Mumba to be insulting the party which has the future for the people of Zambia. MMD has failed and it is dead so the earlier the better for Dr. Mumba to realize that,” he said.

“Traditional ceremonies are meant to unite people and not to start calling other political parties regional. Dr. Mumba should admit that the UPND is fast growing and this is the party that has hope for Zambians. Why does he want to waste our time? “he said.