PF breaching electoral code of conduct in Mangango

Opposition UPND has accused the Patriotic Front (PF) of abusing the Electoral Code of Conduct in Mangango constituency through the misuse of government machinery.

In a complaint letter to the Mongu Police and copied to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), UPND Mangango Constituency campaign team vice chairperson Carlos Antonio said his party had observed with regret the manner with which PF was misconducting itself in the Mangango by-election campaigns.

And Western Province Police Commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi confirmed having received the complaint from UPND in Mangango.

“Yes, while I was in Mangango, my office called me that they have received a complaint letter from UPND about abuse of public resources by PF officials,” Ms Kamukoshi said.

She assured UPND that Police would submit the letter to the District Conflict Management Committee on Monday.

Ms Kamukoshi also confirmed that UPND cadres who were arrested in Mangango appeared in court and were released on K1,000 cash bail each.

“They will appear for mention on August 5, and August 14 for trial.

But Mr Antonio claimed that PF had started fermenting violence through the use of State machinery like the police and abuse of public resources to woo voters simply because it was in government.

“The campaigns are characterized with a lot of cheating and without regard to the law,” said  Mr Antonio.

He said last month the PF campaign team which was headed by Mr. Cebtal Province Minister Mr Obvious Mwaliteta was found changing a government vehicle registration number plate.

“The PF cannot dispute the facts because they have been caught red-handed changing the number plates from government to private number at Pumulo Park Restaurant,”

He said UPND found the acts by PF against the electoral law and conduct which should be applied fairly to promote political stability and economic growth.

“The law clearly states that, apart from the Republican President and the Vice President, no any other person shall be permitted to use public resources or institutions to promote the interest of any political party or individual during election period or for any other purpose relating to election otherwise it is an offence as the case is in the Mangango by election,” he said.