Kabimba a danger to Zambia

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has branded Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba one of the most destructive forces on the Zambian political scene who has largely contributed to the sharp decline in the popularity of the ruling party.

And the MMD has rubbished media reports purporting that its leader Nevers Mumba has been attacking the United Party for National Development (UPND) and its leader Hakainde Hichilema adding the statements were only meant to set the leaders of the two major political parties against each other.

MMD national secretary Muhabi Lungu has asked President Michael Sata to dismiss Mr Kabimba for being the architect of the confusion surrounding the constitution making process and scheming to turn the people-driven draft constitution into a PF government White Paper.

Mr Lungu said Mr Kabimba who is Justice Minister had lamentably failed to provide effective leadership and that he (Kabimba) was at the centre of the recent chaos and mishandling of President Sata’s medical trip  to Tel Aviv in Israel.

In a terse statistical tabulation of Mr Kabimba’s administrative inequities and political transgressions, Mr Lungu said the confusion in the Judiciary as well as the abuse and misapplication of the Public Order Act were the machinations of the Justice Minister.

He said Zambians had been subjected to unprecedented and costly by-elections which had been induced by Mr Kabimba who had directed all PF losing candidates to petition the results of the 2011 parliamentary elections.

Mr Lungu advised that the sooner the sooner President Sata replaced Mr Kabimba with a more politically decent person both as PF secretary general and Justice Minister,  it would be better for the ruling party’s declining image and the country at large.

He said it was a great tragedy for Zambia to have had Mr Kabimba presides over the Ministry of Justice reiterating his party’s demands for the immediate release of the draft constitution which the PF secretary general was attempting to turn into a white paper.

Mr Lungu stated that claims by Mr Kabimba that the PF won the 2011 general elections with a landslide was nothing but a figment of his imaginations because President Sata was declared winner with a mere 183 100 votes more than former president Rupiah Banda which only represented a poultry six percent.

Mr Lungu said while the MMD considered the UPND as its partner in providing effective checks  and balances to the PF excesses.

He said at no time had Dr Mumba referred the UPND as a regional political party and that media reports attributed the MMD president were tailored to set the leaders of the two major opposition political parties against each other.

Mr Lungu advised that Mr Hichilema should avoid falling prey to some media agenda deliberately crafted to trigger emotions to attack Dr Mumba over things he did not say.

“Any individual vying for the presidency which involves taking care of 14 million lives needs to be presidential in handling important issues and demonstrate high levels of self control. Mr Lungu explained that it was politically incorrect for the UPND to believe that they had already won the 2016 general elections and arrived at State House stating that statistical data of the past elections was indicating that the opposition political party had been on the path of decline.

Mr Lungu has also accused the UPND of allegedly using underhand methods to compromise the members of the MMD adding that some of the people defecting to the opposition political party had left the ruling party a long time ago.