KCM has a bright future-MUZ

Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) has a bright future and members of the public  together with the media should desist from creating a negative perception of the company, says Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) President Nkole Chishimba

Mr Chishimba said there was a possibility of a positive turn around at KCM from the time the audit report was released.

He was hopeful that things would get better at the giant mining company which had been in the media for wrong reasons such as evading tax.

In an interview with the Daily Nation  in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Chishimba appealed to

the media and members of the public  not to create a negative perception about KCM.

He said the media and members of public should be objective and help KCM make a positive turn around and overcome its various challenges.

“When the media and the public are creating a negative perception about KCM, they are not only hurting the company’s image, but even the employees who are our members. Yes, they are being hurt because when they go out to get  loans from banks, very few banks would be allowing them to get loans.

“So, i can tell you that from the time the audit report was released, there has been a positive turn around at KCM and so let us support this company by being objective in whatever we say about this giant mining company,” Mr Chishimba said.

Mr Chishimba reiterated his call for mining companies to be transparent by publishing  their results, including the amount of  taxes paid to government. He said government should also publish how much money it got from the mining industry which it used for for the development of the country and benefit of Zambians.

Mr Chishimba said it was the principle of the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) for mining companies to publish their profits and also for government to publish how they use the money from the mining industry. He urged Zambians in general to get interested in how much money was coming from the mining industry and how the government was using the same money for national development.

“Zambians or members of public should get interested to know how the mining companies were making from the mines and how much tax they were paying to the government. They should also know how the government was using the money.

“Once Zambians reach that level, then we will be objective and move forward in terms of transparency of national resources. This is the principle of EITI,” He said.