OYV condemns investigative wings

Government investigative wings are playing double standards in the manner they handle corruption cases, says Operation Young Vote executive director Guess Nyirenda.

And Mr Nyirenda has accused the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) for failing to take interest in major issues such as the Development Bank of Zambia to exhibit expediency in the manner they handled corruption cases in the country.

Mr Nyirenda said the ACC had failed to get interest into the DBZ matter in  which the Zambian people were owned billions.

He accused the ACC of being more active in following up petty issues such as of cannabis in Chibolya, when they were serious cases involving the theft of the country’s resources.

“The ACC must not be toothless when it comes to issues of corruption, as such was not helping the fight against corruption in the country. If they continue to give a blind eye to big cases, then the fight against corruption in Zambia is doomed,” he said.

Mr Nyirenda said the ACC must be proactive to ensure that reported cases of corruption were dealt with relentlessly.

He said it was clear just from the beginning that DBZ did not want to win the case and  that was why the ACC should have taken interest into the matter.

Mr Nyirenda claimed that the issues regarding the K14billion Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) loan for the defunct Zambian Airways should be probed and the investigative wings must take interest into the matter.

He said it was wrong to only target vulnerable citizens that could not defend themselves when big culprits went scot free. He said the people of Zambia would have confidence in the investigative institutions if only there was justice and fairness in the manner cases of corruption were handled, without being selective.

There was no immediate comment from ACC.