Zambia should harness its economy, says German envoy

Zambia’s economic growth and business opportunities should be harnessed in a clever way to build a strong future,says head of development cooperation at the Germany Embassy in Lusaka Dr Frank Hofmann.

Dr Hofmann said there was need to create momentum in order to build a strong  economy for the country.

Speaking at the first national chamber conference in Lusaka yesterday Dr Hofmann said “In order to do so this country has to build its future on hard working, innovative individuals and companies of the private sector that create the necessary momentum to build Zambia’s economy forward,”

Dr Hofmann said German experience had shown that economic success only comes with a string private sector.

He said a government could provide an enabling regulatory and infrastructure framework, but cannot be the main driver of economic development.

“With regard to this background ZACCI and the local chambers play a key role. You provide the platform to bring the business community together and to develop networks which can result in a fruitful business to business exchange as well as in an important exchange with government institutions,” he said.

Dr Hofmann said he was happy that important steps such as necessary policy changes have been initiated by ZACCI.

And ZACCI president Geoffrey Sakulanda said his organisation remained committed to working with government in creating and promoting a competitive business environment for all its members.

Mr Sakulanda said it is important to have a strong and vibrant chamber system in order to achieve results.

He said ZACCI members should rise to the occasion and work together in developing and strengthening the chambers with the focus of ensuring national development.

“It is for this reason that for the first time ZACCI is holding a national chamber conference for all first chambers across Zambia to facilitate a platform for chamber members to interact and share ideas on how to run their various chambers,” Mr Sakulanda said.

In 2012, ZACCI entered into a partnership with the Frankfurt Chambers of Skilled Crafts with the objective of improving the business climate and confidence and contributing to economic development. The partnership ZACCI and the Frankfurt Chamber of Skilled Crafts has, enabled ZACCI to continuously build capacities in the executive committees of chambers through chamber development programmes.

Mr Sakulanda applauded ZACCI members for the tireless efforts in creating a strong private sector and that there was no economy in the world that had developed without the participation of the private sector.

“ZACCI continues to work with government to promote and develop economic activities including trade, commerce and industry and speaking authoritatively on behalf of the business community,” he said.

Mr Sakulanda said the holding of conference on a regular basis would enable communication between the local chambers and ZACCI hence improving the operation of the chamber movement in the country.