Zambia’s health care undergo ‘surgery’

Doctors and other health personnel are expected to meet this weekend in Livingstone for their annual general meeting to discuss various key factors that clearly affect health care practices.

Zambia Medical Association president Dr Aaron Mujajati said there were various health issues that should be discussed if the country was to provide better outcomes in the health sector.

Dr Mujajati said this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) would be held under the theme, “championing evidence based practice for improved health outcomes.”

He said effective health management strategies were greatly needed to achieve better outcomes and access to health care around the country.

“The meeting is intended to discussing various health issues such as cancer, hypertension induced abortions and so on, to see how best we can handle such contentious issues,” Dr Mujajati said.

And Dr Mujajati bemoaned the poor public health facilities in most of the prisons in the country which are as a result of overcrowding.

“We have observed that public health in prisons is bad because of overcrowding and that this will be one of the discussions to find a lasting solution,” he said.

Dr Mujajati said the major contributing factor to diseases burden in prisons was over-crowding, which was coupled with inadequate logistical support and inadequate health personnel.

He said the key note address would be delivered by the President of the World Medical Association and other health delegates worldwide.