Chavuma, Zambezi pigs to be slaughtered

Government will next month embark on the slaughter of all pigs infected with African swine fever in Chavuma and Zambezi districts, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Director of Veterinary Joseph Mubanga has revealed.

Chavuma and Zambezi districts have an estimate total of 3000 pigs.

Dr Mubanga told Daily Nation that African swine fever which had penetrated  the province was incurable and that the ministry had no option but to slaughter the infected pigs.

“African swine fever has no cure, so we have made sure that there is no entry and exit of pigs in Chavuma and Zambezi district,” he said.

Dr Mubanga said because there was no cure for CBPP, government had decided to slaughter all the infected pigs and compensate the affected farmers.

He advised farmers in North Western Province to construct fences where they kept their pigs to avoid movement.

“There is a national park in North Western province and if farmers do not construct fences, then the disease may spread to animals in the park and after we slaughter infected pigs, the disease may return to the farms from the park.

“We have sent a team of experts to the province and they are currently in the provinces analyzing the African swine fever and how best we can help the situation,” Dr Mubanga said.

He said out of the total number of pigs in the two districts, the team would only select pigs which are infected for slaughter. Dr Mubanga said Government would not compensate farmers whose pigs died from natural causes.

He also said the ministry was reviewing the price of slaughtered pigs infected with CBPP.

“In Southern Province, we were paying the affected farmers K13 per Kg but for North Western province, we are still discussing the price,” Dr Mubanga said.