HH explains why PF loves current laws

The Patriotic Front (PF) wants to maintain the current undemocratic constitution to use so that they can remain in power beyond 2016, opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has charged.

And Mr. Hichilema has warned that any attempts by the PF government to further delay the release of the draft constitution would working against President Micheal Sata and his party.

Mr. Hichilema said yesterday that Zambians were annoyed with the PF for the failure to give them the constitution which they promised in 2011 during the campaigns prior to the general elections.

He said the PF was on a daily basis being provocative to Zambians with their annoying and mocking statements.

“Look at this Kabimba, he thinks he is president of this country and he is bullying anybody talking about the constitution. I have to let him know that the gap he has created for himself, his party, his president and their general membership if they still have members, has grown wide and is annoying many Zambians because of his spiteful tongue,” said Mr. Hichilema.

He said the outcome of the stakeholders’ meeting at the Ministry of Justice chaired by Mr. Kabimba was a true reflection of the PF’s wish to hold on to power, a move which did not represent the will of many Zambians who submitted to the draft constitution.

The opposition political leader observed that power had blind folded Mr. Kabimba and President Sata.

“They think they will manage another ‘donchi kubeba’ on the constitution making process. This is because they have blind folded themselves to the truth, they think they are sleeping power, eating power, driving power, sitting on power and using power to abuse the very power they were given in 2011 by many Zambians over the promise to give Zambians a constitution which will stand the test of time,” said Mr. Hichilema.

Mr. Hichilema noted with sadness that the PF was being destructive and arrogant in the manner they were responding to concerns raised by many Zambians over the constitution making process and the general governance of the nation.

He reminded President Sata that Zambians were closely following the unfolding events in the PF and would soon make a decision which would be painful to the PF and its leaders.

“The only thing I know for now is that the PF is a one term party and as UPND we have prepared to take over government and give Zambians a constitution they want. It will not be about asking people to convene, they have already made their submissions and what they want is already known,” said Mr. Hichilema.

He also said his party was the only option for Zambia for a better future, more jobs, and reduced prices of essential commodities such as mealie meal, education and running a sound and visionary economy to benefit all.