I’ve no grudge against HH-Nevers

MMD president Nevers Mumba says he has nothing against the United Party for National Development (UPND) party and its president Hakainde Hichilema.

Speaking when he featured on the Lusaka based Joy FM radio yesterday, Dr Mumba said Mr Hichilema was his brother as was President Michael Chilufya Sata.

Dr Mumba said he would never be afraid to state a position if he had something against Mr Hichilema.

“I would tell him in our telephone conversation and in our exchange of many text messages. HH and I talk to each other and so if I have a concern about him I was not going to use Mr Boman Lusambo. I am not that cheap or weak by using somebody else to express my views,” Dr Mumba said.

Dr Mumba also indicted that Mr Lusambo was not his spokesperson and that the party had no other official spokesperson than party national secretary Muhabi Lungu.

He said he had never issued a statement through Mr Lusambo and that at no time did he ever send him (Lusambo) to issue a statement on his behalf.

“Mr Lusambo has been in MMD for a long time, when I won the presidency, I found him there leading a group called Die Hard for RB and he leads an organisation that is auxiliary and not within the structures of MMD just like many other political parties in the world,” he said.

Dr Mumba said Zambians should know what he was capable of issuing his own statement.

“I have never ever in anyway given words to Lusambo the Zambian people know a statement that is coming from Nevers Mumba and a statement that is not coming from me,” he said.

Dr Mumba said whenever he heard a statement about Lusambo in the press he was the first person to call him and ask him if it had the party’s blessings.

“Sometimes am shocked just like anybody else but we have continued to make sure that he abides by rules and regulations that have been put in place by the party and I think that every time he goes out of the party position, the party secretary has all the weapons to deal with him,” he said.

On President Sata, he said he only differed with the Head of State on the implementation of government policies.

Dr Mumba said President Sata was his elder brother.

“Where I come from our elder is an elder, “Bakalamba Bandi”, President Sata is my elder brother and I have nothing against him and he even knows that I respect him deeply and I pray for him and also that am there for him,” he said.