Simuwelu’s murder case still active-Police

The Zambia police say the case in which PF cadre Moses Simuwelu was murdered in Lusaka is still under investigations.

Police spokesperson Charity Munganga told the Daily Nation that police had not closed the case as officers were actively investigating the matter.

Moses was murdered last year in November during an intra-party clash that took place in Lusaka’s Chelstone area.

Uncle of the deceased Lackson Simuwelu has threatened that the family would camp at the  State House gate to demand for compensation to the family.

He said the protest which was supposed to take place last month failed as the family had a bereavement in the village.

Mr Simuwelu revealed that last Sunday during a family meeting, it was resolved that the State House protest goes ahead as planned because there was nothing tangible coming from the PF’s side.

He said their son did not wish to die in that manner but that it was the party’s responsibility to safe guard the lives of all its members.

“We understand that the Patriotic Front senior leaders are saying that the amount we demanded was exorbitant but no one has officially communicated to us after writing demand letters for compensation. Both party secretary general Wynter Kabimba and President Michael Sata have not communicated.

“There was a decision that we consider giving them a month in which they can respond to the issues we shall see how it goes.  Initially as a family we had asked for a K200, 000.00 but a senior PF official from their secretariat asked us to bring it down and that is how come we are asking for K150, 000.00 as compensation. So we are wondering why someone should be saying that the money we are asking for is too much when we lost a child on duty,” Mr Simuwelu said.

And Mr Simuwelu said one of the police officers investigating the case told the family that investigations had been completed and that the matter had been handled over to the Director of Public Prosecutions for determination.

He said the late Simuwelu’s family members from Nakonde would soon travel to Lusaka to meet the PF leadership.