The Moses Simuwelu murder case

We hope Police spokesperson Charity Munganga’s assurance that the murder case of Moses Simuwelu is still active is not just a public relation gimmick but a demonstration that the wheels of justice have started turning.

We say this because Moses’s case has taken long despite the murder of the Patriotic Front member occurring last year.

While the family has been complaining about the seemingly never moving wheels of justice, the public has also watched haplessly, the state of affairs.

We understand the strict procedures involved in investigating murder cases, but surely a brief to assure the bereaved family could not  have weaken the pursuit for justice.

And even if Police investigations into murder cases take long, this could not have been without constant brief to the deceased’s family to reassure them about the activeness of the case.

Now that the Police have come out in the open to declare that the case has not been closed as officers are actively investigating the matter, we expect suspects to be arraigned so that justice is ultimately seen to be done.

We are not pointing fingers at anybody but simply emphasizing that all unnatural deaths are supposed to be investigated to remove any suspicions about the cause of death.

Moses was in a crowd of Patriotic Front members, some who were wielding dangerous weapons and so suspicion that he could have been killed by his fellow cadres cannot be ruled out.

If the bad eggs in Patriotic Front are allowed scot-free and to take the law in their hands, we doubt whether during campaign time in the 2016 elections they would respect the laws of the country.

The criminals who murdered Moses should be taught a lesson so that the message is loud and clear that crime does not pay and that there was every need to respect life and civil liberties of individuals.

What happened to Moses was a consequence of an intra-party conflict which raises the question of what would have happened if the conflict was inter-party.

All crime should be fought in a fair and just manner for the Police to win the confidence of the public.

We are therefore urging Police to go beyond the word coming from their spokesperson and do the right thing of policing crime whether committed by member of the ruling party or the opposition.

Moses Simuwelu was a human being with a family which cared for him.

His murder should not be forgotten just because his family is not rich and cannot afford to hire lawyers who can pursue the matter.

The twists and turns in the murder case of Moses should certainly end by the Police taking the matter to court.

So far, we are encouraged by madam Munganga’s statement, but we wish to state that we believe in the legal jargon that states that; “justice should not only be done, but be seen to be done.”