Police protecting PF

Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani has been challenged to operate above board by bringing to book political party cadres that have continued to perpetuate violence in areas where there are by- elections.

UPND Copperbelt provincial chairperson Elisha Matambo has accused police officers on the Copperbelt of abetting violence by not arresting assailants.

Mr Matambo said two days ago, some PF cadres assaulted UPND Buntungwa ward chairperson Majory Mulenga whom they allegedly undressed in public but up to now police had failed to bring the attackers to book.

“After the assault, Ms Mulenga reported the matter to Kambilombilo police station where a medical report was issued and was later treated at Thomson hospital. But one surprising thing with the whole issue is that a police officer grabbed the medical report from Majory when she went to pursue the matter and asked her to drop the case against the PF assailants.

“This officer also hid this information from his superiors. After other party officials went to the police station to inquire why the assailant had not yet been arrested, the officers started insulting them. As a party, we decided to report the matter to Luanshya Central police where we talked to the Luanshya assistant commanding officer and the officer in charge.”

Mr Matambo said the two officers then summoned the officer from Kambilombilo and retrieved the medical statement and promised to sort out the matter.He said it was unfair that some police officers had decided to protect PF cadres every time they misbehaved during by election campaigns and ignore all the complaints that other political parties were reporting to them.

The opposition leader said they have been left with no option but to defend themselves from the violent cadres.

He said it was the fourth time that known PF cadres were assaulting people on the Copperbelt but without Police taking any action.