Sata feeling Kabimba’s pressure

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba must rest from active politics to relieve the anguish and mental pressure he has placed on President Michael Sata, says former Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Edward Mumbi has suggested.

And Mr. Mumbi has accused Mr. Kabimba of being against democracy and good governance.

Mr. Mumbi said President Sata was under siege by people with concocted agendas. He said if he were given an opportunity to advise Peresident Sata, he would ask him to rest Mr. Kabimba from politics.

Mr Mumbi said President Sata was under pressure in governing Zambia because of poor or lack of advice from people who are supposed to advise him.  “If I were to be given an opportunity to offer advice to President Sata, I will ask him to rest Kabimba. Mr. Kabimba should rest from politics so that the anguish and mental pressure put on the President can reduce,” said Mr. Mumbi who is also former special assistant to UPND president Hakainde Hichilema. Mr. Mumbi said President Sata would have given the people of Zambia a new constitution a long time ago, if it were not for ill-advice he was receiving from some of his advisors.

“I strongly feel that if it was not Wynter Kabimba’s misguided advice, Mr. Sata would have given people the constitution long before now. He (Kabimba)is the one who has caused this anarchy on the constitution making process and that is what is putting pressure on President Sata and that is not fair,” he said.

Mr Mumbi said it was gullible of Mr. Kabimba to continue insulting Zambians who are demanding a legal frame work on the constitution making process and the release of the final draft constitition. He challenged Mr. Kabimba to explain why he felt that the constitution would only be ready after 2016 general election as though the PF had been gurranteed victory in the 2016 general elections.

“What guarantee is there that the PF will return to power in 2016? It is dishonourable for Kabimba to think they will retain power in 2016 when they have massively and in a misguided manner departed from the promises they made in 2011.

“Institutions such as the Grand Coalition on the constitution, the Catholic Church, NGOCC, the labour movement and the women movement supported the PF giving Zambians a new constitution within 90 days and not what Kabimba is saying now,” said Mr. Mumbi.

He reminded Mr. Kabimba on the need to respect people who helped the PF form government, adding that the journey Mr. Kabimba and the PF had taken was a dead end to the political future of the PF if not stopped. Mr Mumbi said Mr. Kabimba should also realise that the PF was a minority government and therefore, there was no need to antagonise and annoy people who were already angry and hungry and desparate for the constituition before 2016. “I was secretary general of the party when I knew Wynter in the PF and I thought he was a reasonable individual but what I have come to see now, it is something I cannot relate to. He has disappointed many Zambians and he should be ready to bite the bullet,” said Mr. Mumbi.