Abolish Justice Ministry

A university lecturer has proposed that the Ministry of Justice should be abolished to deter the principal head at the ministry who is a politician from using the office to champion ruling party interests.

Boyd Mwanabayeke said all other staff ministry of justice should be transferred to the Judiciary where they could work in departments under the Chief Justice.

Mr Mwanabayeke, a lecturer at the Chalimbana University, said this when he made his submission to the Legal and Justice Sector Reform Commission on Friday in Chongwe.

“The Ministry of Justice, on paper, is there to enhance the provision of justice to the citizens of Zambia.  But there is a problem with the principal head of that ministry.

“Because of that, I want to suggest the abolishment of that ministry so that the officers who work there should operate in a department under the Chief Justice,” he said.

He said if the functions of the Ministry of Justice was transferred to the Judiciary, legislation could be put in place to spell out how the Attorney General, Solicitor General and Director of Public Prosecution could be assisting the executive.

Mr Mwanabayeke said it was sad that when some lawyers were appointed to influential positions of government, they begin to do discharge certain decision in favour of the executive.

He said there was no rule of law in the country. “If the person who is not obeying the law is from the executive it is game as usual and things go on like that.

The citizens who will suffer are those who are not inclined or attached to the executive but they are citizens of Zambia.

The problem they have is that they are disadvantaged because they are not attached to the executive,” Mr Mwanabayeke said.