Don’t downplay Ebola

There is no need to downplay the current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa as it has the potential to spread to many countries including Zambia, the Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) has warned.

ZMA president   Aaron Mujajati said the Ebola disease was catastrophic when it attacks because it spreads faster than other diseases, adding that more effort and genuine preparedness were needed.

He said the Ebola outbreak in West Africa should not be underplayed or underestimated as it could be spread to Zambia through movements of people from affected regions.

Dr. Mujajati said if Ebola broke out in Zambia, it would be a national catastrophe which would be difficult to control.

He was speaking when he featured on Muvi-TV assignment programme.

Dr Mujajati proposed that in combating or preventing any possible Ebola outbreak, government should ban people from other countries in Ebola prone regions from entering the country.

Dr. Mujajati reiterated that there was no cure for Ebola at the moment hence the need to take precautions and all necessary preventive measures.

And Dr. Mujajati has announced that his association was interested to know how prepared the country was to prevent any Ebola outbreak in the country.

Dr. Mujajati said the current outbreak was the biggest the world has ever recorded.

Dr. Mujajati said Africa was mostly affected because of the traditional eating habits and contacts with infected animals such as pigs, bats and monkeys.