PF failures worry GBM

Former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said the inability to honour some of the campaign promises such as the development of the road infrastructure among others has made the Patriotic Front (PF) unpopular.

And Mr Mwamba has donated his entire mid-term gratuity to Kasama Central constituency stating that the people of Kasama needed the money for their various developmental projects which have for a long time been neglected.

Mr Mwamba said it was unfortunate that the Patriotic Front leadership had been unable to go back to Zambians to explain their failures in honouring some of the promises the ruling party made to citizens while in the opposition.

He told the Daily Nation from Kasama yesterday that it was important for leaders to go back to the people and explain why the Link Zambia 8000  road  infrastructure project could not be executed in three years rather than avoiding to meet the electorate who were expecting government to fulfill all its promises.

Mr Mwamba who is the Kasama Central PF member of Parliament said it was important for the leadership to be bold enough and tell Zambians the truth about some of the failed promises so that they could know that government was still desirous to meet its obligations.

The Kasama Parliamentarian said he had received a lot of complaints from the people of Kasama about the failure by the PF government to honour its promises such as tarring some roads in the constituency.

He said the PF was becoming unpopular not only because the ruling party had failed to deliver on its promises but that the waning popularity could equally be attributed to the inability by the leadership to go back to the people and explain the delay in honouring the promises.

Mr Mwamba said Zambians were such a wonderful people and that they would not be spiteful towards government if they were told the truth about why certain developmental programmes could not be implemented.

He said if the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) was not enough to meet the developmental expectations of the citizens, it was the duty and responsibility of government to tell the people that some projects could only be undertaken in the next budget.

“We should learn as leaders to tell the people the truth if they have to continue having confidence in us. It is unfortunate that the leadership has not taken the trouble to face the people and explain why some of the promises we made while in the opposition have not been honoured. We must have the courage to go back to the people and tell them the truth if they have to continue having confidence in our leadership. The inability to explain to the people why some promises have not been honoured is making the party unpopular,” Mr Mwamba said.

He said in explaining its failures to the people, government should endevour to be truthful because lies would only upset the people.

And Mr Mwamba has donated his entire mid-term gratuity to his constituency because the people in the area deserved the money for their various economic infrastructure developments.

Mr Mwamba said he had decided to donate his gratuity because of the love he had for the people who had given him the opportunity to represent them in Parliament.

He said he was happy that the people of Kasama had continued supporting him and that he had gladly decided to give the people in his constituency his gratuity adding that if they would prudently use the money, he was ready to donate the gratuity he would be getting in 2016.

“As I am talking to you, I am on my way to the far-flung areas of my constituency and the people are always happy to interact with me,” Mr Mwamba said.