Turkish airlines eyes Lusaka route-ZTB

The Turkish airline will soon start servicing the Lusaka route to replace KLM when it finally pulls out, says Zambia Tourism Board (ZTB) managing director Felix Chaila.

Mr Chaila said the Turkish Airline would start flying into Zambia the KLM completely stopped  servicing the Lusaka route.

“Right now there is strong indication that Turkish airline may start flying to Zambia once in the same month KLM stops flying to Lusaka,” he said.

He also said the Kenya  Airline would also increase its flight frequencies to Zambia to compensate for the decision by KLM to pull out of Zambia.

Mr Chaila said KLM has pulled out of Zambia because of the problems Zimbabwe was experience which has resulted in reduction in the number of tourists.

“The KLM has not pulled out because of problems in Zambia, it has pulled out because of problems on the Zimbabwean side. They had dual destination, they flying to Lusaka and Harare because it is the same route.

“Now this year KLM says that there has been a major drop in  the number of passengers on the Zimbabwean side while there has been an increase  of passengers on the Zambian side which is a good thing because we are doing better than Zimbabwe ,” he said.

Mr Chaila said KLM needed to increase  passenger load in both countries for them to remain in business.