Zambia remains static under PF-Hakainde

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says that it is unacceptable to see Zambia being governed improperly despite the country being rich with natural resources.

Mr Hichilema has said that the country had been static since the PF got into power in 2011 adding that the only people who have benefited are those in government.

He was speaking when he addressed scores of Namando residents at Namando primary school grounds to drum up support for theUPND’s Mundenge Mwiya contesting the Namando ward by-election.

Mr Hichilema observed that the PF and President Michael Sata had failed to provide the leadership which Zambians expected.

“Zambia is a rich country and it needs to be run properly but unfortunately the PF and Mr. Sata have failed to do so. This country is being governed improperly even after having a lot of natural resources.

“This country needs our help as UPND because we have a proper and learned leadership ready to provide quality leadership to the Zambians. Help us to help you because so many promises were made but look at what is happening today, total mess,” he said.

Mr Hichilema charged that it is unacceptable to see rural Zambia without proper tarred roads, clinics and schools. He said it was shameful for those in the PF government to make claims that the country was developing when the rural community was completely lagging even after 50 years of independence.

“This country is under poor leadership. We in the UPND want Zambians to be well looked after when we come into power in 2016 because the future of this nation under PF is miserable,” said Mr Hichilema. And the UPND president has accused Luampa MMD Member of Parliament Josephine Limata of having taken the people of Luampa for granted.

Mr Hichilema said that Ms. Limata is part of the failed PF government that has brought sufferings to the people of Luampa.

“I want to remind you people of Luampa that in 2006, I am the one who put Limata in parliament under our party, the UPND but soon after she won, she joined the MMD. And when MMD lost in 2011, she joined the PF and that is where she is now. So why is this woman taking advantage of you people?.