All tribes equal-HH

The United Party for National Development (UPND) says all tribes are equal and deserve  to be treated equitably.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has also said the place of one’s birth was not out of their choice.

He was speaking on Tuesday when he addressed rallies at Inyango and Lukena grounds near Chief Mwene Mutondo.

Mr. Hichilema said Zambia was blessed with many tribes and cultures and that people must respect one another.

He reiterated that good leaders must be chosen based on their abilities and not looking at their tribes.

Mr. Hichilema accused the PF government of trying to divide the people of Western Province who had all along lived together.

He extolled the UPND candidate in the August 19 Mangango by-election Godwin Putu whom he described as a person who had proven to be a community worker with vigour and energy when he served as councillor from 2011.

On agriculture and economic development, he said the PF had mismanaged the sectors because they did not understand them and had no knowledge about them.

He said Western province had plenty of grazing land and plenty waters which can be used for cattle rearing.

“When President Sata sees that bush, tall grass and rivers flowing with water, he sees them just as such but for me I see money and wealth from that grass and water because I am a farmer. Mr. Sata is not a farmer, he does not even have a vegetable garden and that is why this election is not just about Putu and the PF candidate but it is about laying the foundation for UPND so that come 2016 elections, UPND will be voted into power and we shall turn that water and grass into wealth creation tools through cattle restocking and agricultural diversification,” he said.

Mr Hichilema said poverty levels in the country had soared because of PF’s arrogance and this had led to a lot of disharmony in families because there cannot be any peace where there is hunger and poverty. He accused the PF of not caring for Western province and that they cannot repair the bad roads because their leaders preferred flying rather than driving so that they could feel the harsh conditions felt by all Zambians.

And former UPND Itezhi tezhi MP Godfrey Beene said PF and President Michael Sata’s two years in office has been more destructive than MMD’s 20 year rule. Mr. Beene said the PF found mealie meal at K30 but now the cost had trebled.

But PF chairperson for elections Sylvia Masebo and campaign manager Obvious Mwaliteta said the Pf candidate will win the election because it was a working government.

Mr. Mwaliteta said the PF had improved communication facilities throughout Zambia and that they were working on the Katunda-Luampa road as well as the Kaoma-Kasempa road.

Ms. Masebo also refuted the differences in the PF camp and said that they were working together to ensure that their candidate Rogers Lingweshi wins the elections. The two leaders bemoaned the violence which they attributed to UPND cadres but UPND chairperson for security captain Cosmas Moono has denied his party’s engagement in violence.

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