Chikwanda’s faults

The succession battle in the ruling Patriotic Front is gaining more precipitous proportions.

We now know that there is a raging battle for succession in the PF, is that the reason Mr Chikwanda is being targeted and if so why?

Is it because he is Bemba? But happily UPND president Haikainde Hichilema has said tribe does not matter. And tribe should not play a part in disputes over succession in a political party.

So, what will anybody gain if Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda resigned his position as he is being accused of single handedly being responsible for government’s wrong mining policy direction?

He has been in the news accused of being responsible for all the wrongs happening in the economic sector, especially measures pertaining to the management of the mining sector.

Government policy is collective. Above all, Ministers are political figure heads who express public service researched policy positions, it is therefore interesting that the Finance Minister one of the most senior and seasoned public officer is being targeted at a time when the succession debate is raging.

Why is he being eliminated when there is as yet no vacancy in the Presidency?

Mr Chikwanda’s enemies have turned him into a punch bag without finding out the reasons why Zambia’s chief appointing authority has kept faith in his minister of Finance.

We would want to know the chief architects in the campaign against Mr. Chikwanda. What is their interest?

The mining sector is no doubt Zambia’s main economic driver and any shocks would have immediate negative impact on the country’s economic stability and we do not think that it would be the desire of Mr Chikwanda to cause turbulences in the country’s mining sector.

Mr Chikwanda has been a target of malice and slander for a long time, the Finance Minister has up to this day never responded to the unwarranted attacks.

We know that it is not only Mr Chikwanda who has been targeted by a group of individuals pontificating righteousness but also all those who are opposed to some the clique manning all influential positions in government.

The attacks should certainly come to an end to allow for sober reflection of why Mr Chikwanda is finding himself in this awkward.

Mr Chikwanda did not appoint himself as Minister of Finance but received the honour from President Sata who is also president of the governing party-The Patriotic Front.

This then means the running of the economy, especially the management of the mines is the PF Government’s baby.

Any wrong policy direction should therefore be blamed on the PF Government’s cabinet which no doubt has reversed so many pre-election promises.

Those calling for Mr Chikwanda’s blood over the Patriotic Front decisions on mines should ask themselves the reasons why they are not equally putting pressure on the release of the constitution which was promised.

If indeed Mr Chikwanda has to be crucified, then the entire cabinet should be sent to the gallows as the Minister of Finance has not been making personal decisions in the running of the country’s financial sector.

Those who want to engage in national debate should endeavour to stop the personalisation of Government collective decision.