Govt installs four transmitters in Lunga District

Government’s efforts to take development to remotest areas of Zambia is commendable, says Chief Nsamba of the Unga people of Luapula Province’

Chief Nsamba said he was happy with government’s move to install four Telecommunication Towers  through the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA)  in Lunga District.

He said this in an interview with ZANIS at Mpata Harbour were ZICTA was currently keeping its equipment in readiness for installation at the four Islands in Lunga District.

The chief observed that Lunga was neglected by past governments saying the current PF adminstration had fulfilled its campaign promises of bringing social services to area.

And Lunga district commissioner Rose Chimbini said her office was happy with government’s efforts to improve livelihoods of the people in the district.

Ms Chimbini said the coming of the telecommunications project would provide jobs to the local people in the area.

ZICTA is installing four communication towers at Kalima Nkonde, Kasoma Lunga, Bwalya Mponda islands and Nsamba.

ZICTA is working with Cross Ways a Chinese Company to install the four towers.