HH commends health workers in Luampa

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has praised health staff at Kaoma’s Luampa mission for providing good  health services to the locals despite the hardships they are facing.

Speaking when he visited patients at Luampa Mission Hospital at the weekend, Mr Hakainde said that health workers had continued to look after patients despite the many challenges they were facing .

Mr Hakainde said those in rural areas were doing a compassionate job as compared to their counterparts in urban areas.

“I know it is tough to be in a rural area but I must say you are doing a commendable job of providing health facilities to our people,”

“Please look after our people well. Doctor Uloya and your nurses there is nothing much that anyone can say apart from thanking you. We are very grateful,” he said.

And, Luampa mission head doctor Dr. Uloya thanked Mr  Hakainde for visiting the hospital saying that it was a rare opportunity for politicians to visit hospitals and see how patients were living.

And Mr Hakainde has raised concerns over the rising cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) being recorded in rural areas.

Speaking at the bedside of Ms  Mufuka Ngunga ,30, who was brutally beaten by her husband Ken Kakoma for leaving home to go and watch the makishi  dances, Mr Hakainde said such barbaric acts should not be accepted in a modern society.

“What kind of a man who would brutally beat up his wife like this?

This is not the society we want. This man who did this must be arrested,” he said.

And Ngunga narrated to the Daily Nation that she met her fate on Friday night as she was coming from watching the makishi at a nearby village.

“It was on Friday night when he followed me to where I went to watch the makishi dances. As I was going back home, I met him on the road and he asked me where I was coming from but when I tried to explain to him, he just grabbed me and took me in the bush where he started beating me

with a big stick and stabbed me in the left arm with a knife,” she narrated.

“After he noticed that I was unconscious, he ran to my parents’ village and told them that they should collect me in the bush because he had murdered me,” he said.

Her father Mr. Ngunga who was at the bedside said the matter has since been reported to the police wh9 have launhced  a manhunt for the suspect.