Mulilo breathes fire on corrupt councils

Mufulira PF district youth chairman Brian Mulilo has accused councils in Zambia of high level corruption over land management.

Mr Mulilo said he was saddened with the demolition of about 150 houses in Mufulira Kalukanya Township by the council when they had a duty to ensure that people built in designated places.

He said councils should not just end at demolition houses but instead take a further step by ensuring that people erected their structure in legal areas.

Mr Mulilo said he felt the impact as a citizen of Zambia when the local authority subjected vulnerable citizens to such an action.

He said councils did not perform well especially on land allocation issues, adding that the council authorities should not just end at demolition structures but should make sure that the perpetrators of the vice were brought to book.

“We demand for quick investigations into the matter by the law enforcement agencies to ensure that whoever is involved should face the wrath of the law, especially at the engineering and the planning departments,’ he said.

Mr Mulilo said there was need to bring sanity in councils, claiming that they were the some individuals denting the image of the PF government so that the fight against corruption was not realized.

He argued that 150 pieces of land was not a small number that could be sold by an individual. He claimed that there was a land cartel that was involved in illegal land allocation and should be probed.

“I want to seriously warn the PF councilors if any of them are involved in the vice we as the youths shall not spare such councilors as it is denting the image of our party,” he said.

More than 150 illegal structures were demolished in Kalukanya Township in Mufulira because they were constructed on unplanned area.