NAREP condemns UPND, MMD fights

UPND and MMD are planting seeds of bitterness which will not bring about development to Zambians, says National Restoration Party (NAREP) Lusaka district vice chairman Frank Sichone

Mr Sichone observed that some opposition political parties only existed to oppose each other and failed to offer solutions to many challenges facing the country.

He appealed to fellow opposition parties to emulate NAREP instead of planting seeds of bitterness which will kill the aspirations of Zambia.

“This is what distinguishes NAREP from other political parties,” said Mr Sichone.

He said NAREP was an exceptional as it had been offering advice to government on many issues including the NAREP Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Plan (NEEP).

“We hope that government will implement our NEEP programme in the 2015 budget and empower many women and youths through a 10 per cent fund for goods and services which can be strictly allocated to the women and youths,” Mr Sichone said.

He said if implemented the programme would also help reduce street vending because the majority of the youths would be supplying government institutions with goods and services.

“Infrastructure development is one of our focal areas as highlighted in our manifesto and good  road network is key to national development,” he said

Mr Sichone commended the Patriotic Front (PF) government on major road projects which were being worked on across Zambia.

“For this reason we have seen some commitment by the PF government although the whole programme has not been handled well hence the high cost of borrowing, ”said  Mr Sichone.He said expensive ventures like road projects must be done in phases especially when resources were available and government should not abandon the good road network programme which would help improve the lives of citizens.

“We shall still be able to see our country develop. Any political party that plants seeds of bitterness and doesn’t offer any solution should be strongly condemned and never be voted into power,” he said