Nevers demands truth about Sata’s health

MMD has made an earnest appeal to the Patriotic Front (PF) government to explain to Zambians what has happened to President Michael Sata following his withdraw from public appearances.

MMD president Nevers Mumba said it was the responsibility of government to accurately inform citizens about the health status of President Sata and his whereabouts so that people did not get demonized and stigmatized for questioning the PF leadership on what was wrong with the Head of State.

Dr Mumba said while there was completely nothing wrong for President Sata to delegate his Vice-President and Ministers to represent him at international assignments, Zambians had the right to know the true health status of the Head of State to avoid speculations and innuendoes.

He told the Daily Nation that the absence of President Sata from public appearances was causing a lot of anxieties among citizens and that it was important for those in government to update the nation so that people could appreciate what the Head of State was going through.

Dr Mumba explained that it was irregular for government to have kept citizens guessing over the absence of President Sata who had stayed away from public appearances for close to two months.

He however said he could not make a comprehensive comment on the absence of President Sata from public appearances because government had not provided adequate and authentic information on what had suddenly happened to the Head of State for him to have suddenly stopped talking to citizens.

Dr Mumba said it was wrong for government to attack and demonise citizens who were genuinely concerned about the long absence of President Sata from public appearances.

He said Zambians loved President Sata and that no morally conscious citizen would wish the Head of State ill-health.

“It is practically normal for the President to delegate his Vice-President and Ministers such as Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba to represent him at all international assignments and other state functions. International protocol recognizes and respects the Vice-President, Foreign Affairs and Defence Ministers to represent the President. However, what is irregular is that government has not been told Zambians what has happened to President Sata so that they could appreciate what he is going through. We need to be told the truth about what has happened so that we do not get attacked and demonized as people who do not care about the Head of State,” Dr Mumba said.

He stated that sooner rather than later, government would have to address the nation on the circumstances that had caused President Sata to suddenly disappear from citizens he was governing.

And Dr Mumba is optimistic that the MMD would emerge victorious in all the coming by-elections as the former ruling party was working quietly but aggressively on the ground.

Dr Mumba said Zambians should watch the space because the former ruling party was regaining its glory because Zambians were angry that the PF had lied their way into government.

He said the campaigns in all the constituencies were going on smoothly and that the results of the by-election were going to speak about what the former ruling party was capable of doing.

“I want you to watch the space. We are working but we shall not do our work through the media. We are on the ground and the results will speak for themselves what the MMD is,” Dr Mumba said.