PF leaders want Sata out-GBM

A clique of senior Patriotic Front (PF) leaders are wishing President Michael Sata ill so that they can take over the presidency of the ruling party, former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has charged.

And Mr Mwamba has disclosed that there were some senior PF leaders who have been celebrating President Sata’s reported ill health but has appealed to Zambians to pray for the Head of State so that he could recover quickly.

Mr Mwamba popularly known as GBM said the succession wrangles that were consuming the PF were being perpetrated by a group of senior PF leaders who are said to have been praying for the removal of President Sata so that they could take of the leadership over the ruling party.

Mr Mwamba said the succession wrangles were causing the confusion the ruling party was currently experiencing and warned that the clique was not going to succeed in their evil plans because President Sata was chosen by God to lead Zambia.

He told the Daily Nation from Kasama yesterday that God was not going to allow the said clique to fraudulently take over the leadership of PF because President Sata’s leadership was sanctioned by divine powers.

This is the first time Mr Mwamba has come out in the open to candidly speak about some senior leaders in the PF with the evil desire to wish President Sata ill but has warned that God would soon expose them for what they were.

Mr Mwamba said individuals were anointed leaders at birth and that God was not going to allow selfish clique to impose themselves on Zambians whose desire was to be led by leaders of their choice.

He said it was God who anointed leaders and that the clique that had been celebrating and wishing the President ill had cursed themselves with their evil desires.

Mr Mwamba explained that Zambians would only give leadership to people that would exhibit wisdom and ability to govern the country honestly and with humility.

He said Zambians would only elect leaders to political offices if they were sure that they would effectively run the affairs of the country to their expectations.

“There is a clique of senior selfish Patriotic Front leaders who have been wishing President Michael Sata ill so that they could take over the leadership of the country and continue looting. But the clique must know that it does not work like that because leadership is from God who in this particular time has given us President Sata. You cannot impose yourself on the people…they chose leaders of their choice and they will give an individual the presidency if they find him wise enough to run the affairs of the country to their expectations,” Mr Mwamba said. And Mr Mwamba said he was aware that some senior PF leaders were celebrating the reported ill health of President Sata and has asked Zambians to pray for the Head of State’s quick recovery.

Mr Mwamba said every human being was bound to fall sick and that President Sata’s reported failing health was affecting the governance and economic performance of the country. He stated that no human was infallible and that it was important that Zambians start praying for President Sata if he was truly feeling unwell so that he could quickly recover and get back to his work of governing and developing the country. Mr Mwamba said it was important to religiously realize that it was only Jesus Christ who was infallible because he was the chosen Son of God who came on earth to save humanity from sin.

“We should not celebrate the ill health of President Sata if indeed he is not well because if he is sick, the whole country gets affected. We should pray for him so that he can recover as soon as possible. We are human beings and bound to fall sick. We are not infallible and it’s only Jesus who was infallible because he is the Son of God who came on earth to save humanity from sin,” he said.

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  1. ks at time becomes very fuuny to unextent of slamber,just imagine this statement is from GBM can u belive it or its teaseing his former boss,the massage soung mature if he realy ment what he has
    said for times why some zambians keep on blafing mr sata its of his past behaviour towards others who felt sick nd finally died, he kept on teaseing them calling them all soughts of names, but we dont have to behave like him hence people will faill to judge
    faily, gkc

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