Underdevelopment linked to lack of use of local languages


A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has attributed lack of development in most parts of Zambia to the limited use of local languages.

Northern Province Leadership Foundation Platform chairman Netron Chishimba said that his NGO has discovered that some problems in Zamabia were as a result of reluctance by decision-makers not to engage individuals who did not speak the English language. Mr Chishimba said Zamabia had a number of people that had a lot of wisdom and natural intelligence but  their talents were not fully exploited because they could not speak English.

He gave examples of China and Tanzania as some countries that were making serious strides in development because of their strong use of the local language. Mr Chishimba appealed to authorities to embrace all citizens if Zambia was to benefit from their talents. He also appealed to members of the public to participate actively in the governance of the nation. He said governance should not be left to the party in government alone, saying all stakeholders, including political parties, the civil society movements and private citizens must also contribute in national developmental issues.

Mr Chshimba said people should not criticise and capitalise on the mistakes committed by the party in government but offer alternatives and correct the mistakes.-