Zambians want to know where President Sata is-Dora

No amount of intimidation by the PF government will stop Zambians from asking about the whereabouts of President Michael Sata, says former Petauke Central MMD member of parliament Dora Siliya.

And former defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has asked the people of Kasama to pray for President Sata and for the PF to stop succession wrangles which has rocked the party.

In an interview yesterday, Ms. Siliya said Zambia was on pause mode because there was no leadership being provided by President Sata who has been missing from the public for over 40 days now.

She said it was important for leaders in the PF to end the rumour mongering going on by stating when the Head of State would be available to address the ever waiting Zambians.

“Zambia is on pause mode because of the silence of the President, people want to know where the President is, Zambians are demanding to know what is happening to their President.

The silence of President Sata is worrying everyone. Zambia has been turned into a rumour mongering nation,” said Ms Siliya.

She noted with sadness that people elected to leadership have abrogated their mandate to govern the nation in an open manner.

She said what was more puzzling was that even institutions that used to champion freedom of information had now turned into government mouth pieces.

“I have hope that this will not stop people from demanding to know where the President is,” she said

Ms. Siliya said time had come when brave women and men should stand up and fight the injustices by the PF government and its allies.

“It is time as a country we stop taking the peace we have enjoyed for so long for granted and begin to demand how we want to be governed.

It is time we begin to shame people perpetrating political, tribal and social violence and create conditions where our country Zambia can begin to work towards prosperity again. At the moment the country is on stand still, this country is on pause mode,” she said.

Ms. Siliya observed that the PF were creating confusion when they claim that President Sata was well and working when he had failed to make himself available to the  nation and address very critical issues the country was facing.

She said the PF should stop talking down to Zambians who voted for them, adding that the onus was on young Zambians who needed to prepare and demand for their rightful positions in the governance of the nation.

“We must prepare to use our vote in and remove those who have failed to lead Zambia,” she said.

She said the PF had no capacity to stop the idea of a better Zambia many were yearning for, adding that it was morally and principally correct to continue asking where the President was because he was a national asset.

“Let us refuse and denounce intimidation of young people and women, lets demand for real and development plan rather than allow leaders to continue making fake promises and lies,” said Ms. Siliya.

And Mr Mwamba has pleaded with Kasama residents to pray for President Sata, saying ubulwele bwafumu litensha chalo.

“We need to pray for our President, Mr. Michael Sata who is unwell.

If we love him and want him let’s pray for him. He is our President.

And for those wanting to take over the PF, allow President Sata to finish his term,” said Mr. Mwamba.