Hilltop residents in Kapiri demand provision of water

The residents of Hilltop and Kawama compounds in Kapiri Mposhi district have complained over delays by Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company (LWASCO)  to connect them to the network.

The residents aired their grievance against the water utility company during a meeting with Kapiri Mposhi Constituency member of Parliament  Eddie Musonda .

The residents complained that the water  utility company has failed to connect the two areas to its water grid despite numerous appeals since the settlement was established 10 years ago.

Community representative, Maril Banda said the residents in the two compounds currently  relied on shallow wells for water supply but that they usually run dry after the rainy season.

Mr. Banda said the residents were however advised recently against consuming water from shallow wells because of the high Iron content in the area which was causing the water to rust.

He disclosed that residents and pupils at Hilltop Basic School, staff and patients at Kawama Clinic have however continued to consume water from the condemned wells because of lack of safe water sources in the area.

“We have depended on water from wells but we have been told that this water has abnormal Iron content hence it is a health hazard to consume it.

At the same time these same shallow wells dry up in the dry season, so we are facing challenges in finding clean and safe water for drinking,” Mr. Banda said.

The community has therefore petitioned the Member of Parliament  to intervene in the matter and ensure that a lasting solution was found.

Meanwhile, LWASCO District Commercial Supervisor, Wamundila Wamundila said LWASCO had failed to connect the Hilltop community to its water grid due to gradient as the area is situated on upper land.

Mr. Wamundila said the company had prepared and submitted a Bill of Quantity of K 3.7 million for procurement of booster pumps and other water system materials to the Ministry of Local for funding to facilitate provision of piped water in Hilltop.

“LWASCO has written to government for assistance and we are awaiting the response … we have a challenge providing water to Hilltop because as the name of the area suggests it is on a higher gradient so we need booster pumps to push water to that community,” Mr. Wamundila said.

Mr Musonda however assured residents of Hilltop that government would provide  water to their community.

He allayed fears circulating that LWASCO had been ordered not to connect the area to the Water grid because it was an illegal settlement.