Kasonde for progressive disease cure research

Health Minister Joseph Kasonde says government will encourage institutions and individuals to go into progressive research for any possible cure of any disease.

In an interview with the Daily Nation Dr. Kasonde said his ministry appreciates efforts by local Zambians to venture into research of remedies which could cure diseases.

He said this after a Luanshya resident claimed that he had found the cure for Ebola and his medicine had been tried in Nigeria by one of his friend who had taken it to that country.

Dr. Kasonde observed that research into any possible cure for any disease should be taken seriously and people should test their research at the University of Zambia laboratory.

“I definitely encourage research into any possible cure for any possible disease and that is the reason why we have the whole institute dedicated  to research and of course the Tropical Diseases Research Centre has many areas of research and one of them is to help such people who want to do  research,” said Dr. Kasonde.

He said people should not limit themselves to research into tropical diseases but also extend their tentacles into other areas.

“But they don’t need to limit themselves to the tropical diseases centre in Ndola, they can go to a university school and any centre they think can carry out research and they will find guidelines on how to proceed,” he said.

When asked to clarify on the Sondashi Formula 2000 (SF2000) which government seems not to be interested into funding, Dr. Kasonde said government was committed to making the dream come true.

He said government had made some proposals that the research could be done at a local research centre a move which could have helped Dr. Ludwig Sondashi.

“I don’t know what you expect government to do I have spoken many times that government has agreed that what is being proposed is good, it is a good research and an important research and I have explained and explained again that the centre which I have just mentioned the Tropical Disease Research Centre has got capacity to assist the researcher on this particular subject,” said Dr. Kasonde.

He said that Dr. Sondashi who was the researcher for the SF2000 had been together for years with the institution, “and for this reason they have a steering committee of scientists who have been guiding that process and so I am not too sure what you would like us to do as a government other than facilitate which we have done.”

The South African government attempted  to try out the production of SF2000 in capsule format but their demand to get an equal share of rights did not go well with Dr. Sondashi who rejected the offer and withdrew his herbs.