Zambia in political dilemma, says Milupi

Zambia is in a political and economic dilemma because of the non-visibility of President Sata who has resorted to governing the country through face book and still pictures, Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi has observed.

Mr Milupi said it was unfortunate that President Sata had not been visible to citizens for almost two months and that his withdrawal from public appearances was causing a lot of anxieties among citizens and affecting the general performance of the economy.

The ADD president who is also the spokesperson for the presidents of the sixteen political parties that have written President Sata asking to schedule a meeting over the constitution making process impasse said it was important for President Sata to be visible to citizens through speeches.

He said the Head of State had kept quiet for a long time and that Zambians were of the feeling that something had gone wrong with the President and were expecting a comprehensive and assuring statement from government.

Mr Milupi said while government officials and First Lady Christine Kaseba had continued saying that President Sata was fit and working, citizens were wondering why a healthy President had completely withdrawn from public appearances and was communicating to the nation through face book.

Mr Milupi explained that citizens were asking how President Sata was governing the country without speaking to them stating that this was the first time that a Head of State had boycotted being with the people he was governing.

He said the country was suffering from economic regression because of the vacuum that had been created in the national leadership as the President was not giving any direction on major national concerns and challenges facing the nation.

“It is extremely unfortunate that President Sata has been absent for such a long time. Zambians want their President to be visible physically and through speeches. President Sata has kept quiet for a long time and some of us who are kind have the feeling that he is unwell. If President Sata is well and fit as has been said by some government officials and First Lady Christine Kaseba, let him be visible to citizens because we do not know how he is governing the country without talking to the people,” Mr Milupi said.