African Swine Fever multiplies in North West Province

The African Swine Fever which broke out in Kasempa and Mufumbwe recently has spread to Chavuma and Zambezi districts, says Agriculture Minister Wylbur Simuusa.

Mr Simuusa said he was ex pecting a comprehensive report from his officers who were on the ground to ascertain how many

pigs had died so far.
“My officers are on the ground they will give me a detailed re- port today to ascertain how pigs have died from the disease,” Mr Simuusa said.

He said his ministry would use the same methods applied in other provinces in controlling the disease, including slaughtering infected pigs.

Eelier this month the ministry of Agriculture director of veterinary Dr Joseph Mubanga said government start slaughtering pigs in the region next month.

Dr Mubanga also confirmed the spread of the disease in Chavuma and Zambezi districts which had an estimated 3,000 pigs.

He said that African swine fever which was spreading in the province was incurable and that the ministry had no option but to slaughter the infected pigs.

“The African Swine Fever has no cure, so we have made sure that there is no entry and exit of pigs in Chavuma and Zambezi district,” he said.

Dr Mubanga said because there was no cure for the dis- ease, government had decided to slaughter all the infected pigs and compensate the affected farmers.

He advised farmers in North Western Province to construct fences where they kept their pigs to avoid movement.

“We have sent a team of experts to the province and they are currently in the provinces analyzing the disease and see how best we can help the situation,” said Dr Mubanga

When the disease broke out in Lusaka early this year, government had no choice but to slaughter thousands of pigs to stop the disease from spreading to other areas.

Government spent thousand of Kwacha in compensating farmers whose animals were killed due to the disease.