£28million: Chiluba’s children speak out

SECOND republican president Frederick Chiluba’s biological children have denied being part of an elaborate hoax suggesting that the Finish Government had seized 28 million British Pounds purportedly belonging to Regina Chiluba.

They have said it would be illogical, counterproductive and a disservice for them to legitimize a scheme that would bring dishonour to their father who professed innocence and rubbished the London  High Court judgment.

“If there was any money in Barclays bank account in Britain, the Task Force and any other law enforcement institution would have found it a long time ago,” their statement reads.

Dr Chiluba’s biological children have said they were disappointed and had been forced to respond to a Daily Nation story in which it was alleged that they were behind the story that the government of Finland had blocked 28 million British Pounds purportedly belonging to theformer second Presidents widow.

They said they had never been aware or privy to any information relating to the 28 million British Pounds report because their firm interest was based purely on what they knew regarding their father’s estate which they said had been communicated to all relevant government offices. They revealed that their interest was over the $9 million which Dr Chiluba left in the Zamtroop account which they said was in public domain and for which they were expecting response from relevant government authorities.   Dr Chiluba’s biological children have denied assertions that they could be behind a concocted online media report suggesting that the Finish government had seized 28 million Pounds allegedly belonging to Regina Chiluba, the widow of the late president.  In a terse press statement, the children said the accusations were nothing but a poor strategic tactic to draw them out stating that they did not need the fame or unnecessary attention being imposed on them.

“We are not aware nor are we privy to any information related to the mentioned 28 million British Pounds. Our firm interest is purely on what we know and have communicated to all relevant government offices concerning our father’s estate which is the $9 million which is public knowledge and other things for which we expect a response,” they said. Dr Chiluba’s biological children have requested the Daily Nation to openly confirm if the story that was published could have been originated from any of them.