ABZ defends Chikwanda

THE Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) has condemned Anglican Church priest Richard Luonde for attacking the persona of Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda on the decision unanimously made by Cabinet.

ABZ Copperbelt youth chairperson Wilson Kafunga said Father Luonde had no moral authority to attack Mr Chikwanda in the manner he had done over Cabinet decisions.

Mr Kafunga said in an interview from the Copperbelt yesterday that even the information Fr Luonde claimed to have on  Mr Chikwanda’s alleged double dealing was doubtful.

“We as ABC youth, we have worked with Fr Richard Luonde in Change life Zambia and Get Involved Zambia. We challenge him to come out in the open and publish the information he has about Mr Alexander Chikwanda being also a supplier to the mines and double dealing in the country,” he said.

Mr Kafunga said Fr Luonde’s attacks on Mr Chikwanda were an attempt to undermine President Sata’s authority and leadership.

“We also think that it is totally unjustifiable to continue attacking one person on decisions that are made collectively by the Patriotic Front Cabinet.

We think that this is an attempt to undermine the President, Mr Michael Chilufya Sata,” he said

Mr Kafunga called on President Sata to speak out when his ministers were being attacked by Fr Luonde.  “But if it is true that Mr Alexander Chikwanda has betrayed public interest, then we challenge Fr Luonde to write to the President and report Mr Chikwanda to relevant authorities so that the law can take its course.

“Otherwise we doubt the motive behind Fr Luonde’s attack on Mr Chikwanda,” Mr Luonde said.

Fr Lounde was quoted in some sections of the media yesterday attacking Mr Chikwanda and accused him of double dealings and harbouring vested interested in the mines.