Ethiopia to manufacture HIV SF2000 tablets, capsules

THE Zambian government has engaged Ethiopian authorities to work on the Sondashi formula powder to make conventional tablets and capsules for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, says Health minister Dr Joseph Kasonde.

Dr Kasonde announced that there were several local herbs which could be exposed to similar research to determine their composition and properties when presented in tablet form.

He said the Zambian government did not have the capacity to detect such medicinal properties or even to package drugs developed from herbs and other local ‘concoctions’, but that plans to acquire such equipment were underway.

“Government is trying to buy equipment that could be used to measure content and identify properties of some of those common herbs but it is very expensive; we do not have the means to make capsules,

“However, there is a possibility  now with the involvement of the Ethiopian government on the Sondashi formula because they have the facilities to make capsules from the powder form,” said Dr Kasonde

He explained that scientifically, all medicines should go through prescribed set of procedures or clinical trials to ascertain safety for human use. The Minister said people were free to administer the Sondashi formula if they wished, saying “those who go to traditional doctors do not tell us, they just go ahead and swallow the concoctions, so if you want to go that route, go ahead but not that we approve the remedy,” he said. He said the country already had laboratory facilities at the Tropical Disease and Research Center (TDRC) in Ndola which had no equipment to manufacture capsules from the Sondashi Formula powder.

There was a lot of public concern on the progress of formalizing the Sondashi formula believed to cure the deadly HIV/AIDS virus.

Initial attempts to formulate capsules of the famous SF 2000 HIV herbal remedy failed after a disagreement ensued between the inventor Dr Ludwig Sondashi and the South African firm – Industrial Scientific Research Centre that was initially engaged to manufacture the capsules on the patents of the product.