Insulting Sata

The raging succession debate within the Patriotic Front is taking on more menacing proportions and it is about time that the Cabinet and the Central committee weighed in to avoid any further damage to the Government and the popularity of the party.

It is inexcusable that outsiders with vested interests should be allowed to insult Cabinet Ministers for collective decisions taken by Government. We entirely agree with Wilson Kafunga from Narep who aptly notes that insulting Mr. Alexander Chikwanda who ordinarily serves as President in the absence of the President is a ruse intended to weaken Cabinet.

Let there be no doubt that insulting a cabinet Minister appointed by President Michael Sata is the same thing as insulting the President himself. In this day and age it does not require the genius of a rocket scientist to discern that a serious divide and rule campaign has been mounted to fill the leadership vacuum that has developed.

If Cabinet will allow itself to be bullied by small time crooks, it will abrogate its sworn responsibility to serve this country.

We do not agree that a cabal of thieves, a group of sociopaths should  decided the future of our country. This is exactly what is happening because the Cabinet and the entire Central Committee of the ruling Party is failing to come to terms with hard realities and choosing instead to abdicate power to a          handful of people who are neither popular nor elected and whose only claim to influence lies in their perceived closeness to power.

 Zambians will never forgive this Government if it fails to reign in malevolent and corrupt forces that  seem to be calling the shots. They should not have been allowed anywhere near the corridors of power, but were allowed to bud and flower into the monsters they have become.

It is true that Wynter Kabimba is theoretically heir apparent in the ruling party, but this does not accord him direct succession in the Government.

That is why second guessing Cabinet by selective criticism is neither ingenious nor particularly helpful in a situation where procedures and in this case the constitution clearly stipulates.

 Lauding the depth, wisdom and exemplary leadership of the President in one breadth and then attacking his trusted appointee is a contradiction in terms. It exposes the nefarious scheme to circumvent process and procedure.

This eventuality is what is worrying Zambians. They are worried that a cabal of un- elected people steeped in criminality will decide the fate of the country.

Brebner Changala asked an apt question yesterday. Who is running the country? – he asked.

This was not a rhetorical question and it would be useful for those who answer on behalf of Government, the party or any other authority to be deliberate, less emotional and indeed not driven by blind loyalty to answer factually.

We have said time and again that Zambians will give the President time to recuperate and rest. They can not begrudge him his natural entitlement. They are worried about the subterfuge which can only be advanced by those with interests to serve.

That is why we have repeatedly stated that Cabinet and indeed the  Central Committee of the Patriotic Front should bite the bullet and allay the fears, concerns and severe apprehensions in the minds of the Zambian people.

Their silence is not helping matters, it is only fueling speculation which the people with hidden agendas are exploiting by their campaign to isolate and hopefully eliminate.

It will be a mistake to underestimate the cunning, influence and guile of the forces ranged against them by those who  wish to take advantage of the current situation to usurp authority and power which should be in the preserve of constitutional offices.