G4 security guard nabbed over theft allegations

A SECURITY guard who is suspected of being on duty when K130, 000 cash was stolen at the Road Development Agency (RDA) accounts department in Lusaka has been arrested in Western Province.

The security guard of G4 identified as Namangolwa Mubita was apprehended in Sikongo and K7, 000 was recovered from him. Police spokesperson Charity Chanda confirmed the arrest of Mubita, 24, who was on duty at RDA when the theft occurred.

During the theft, thieves also hauled US$200 cash and two laptops from the accounts department. Ms Chanda said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that Mr Mubita went into hiding in Sikela village in Sikongo after the RDA accounts department was broken into.

“He was the one who was guarding the premises when the money was stolen. He went into hiding until this morning (Tuesday) when he was apprehended,” she said. Ms Chanda said police were still investigating the matter and would interrogate Mr Mubita concerning the theft of the money. She said although K7, 000 seem to be small, the police have made a breakthrough because  Mr Mubita had a lot of information regarding what could have transpired on the day of the theft.

Last week, police recorded  warn and caution statements from four officers in the accounts department of RDA in connection with the breaking in which occurred between August 10, 2014 at 20 00 hours and August 11, 2014 at 06 00 hour.