Remain united, peaceful-Chissano advises Zambia

Former President of Mozambique Joaquim Chissano has advised Zambians to continue remaining united despite belonging to many different political parties stating that the country has always been an example of peaceful transition since the dawn of plural politics.

And Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has said Mozambique has demonstrated that democracy is a prerequisite to good governance and has urged the country to continue adhering to tenets of democracy during its general elections scheduled for October.

Mr Chissano said Zambia had proved to the world that its citizens could remain peaceful despite their diverse differences in their political inclinations and hoped that the young generation of leaders would learn from the sacrifices the freedom fighter made to liberate the country from colonial bondage.

Mr Chissano who is in the country on an official visit said Zambia contributed a lot to the liberation of the region and that most countries were looking up to Zambia in their democratic dispensation.

He said Zambia and Mozambique were not only brothers or friends but were friends and compatriots that had many commonalities.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Mr Kalaba at his office yesterday, Mr Chissano said it was important for the young generation to learn to draw their energies and build on what the freedom fighters left and correct their mistakes so that the countries could continue progressing politically, socially and economically.

He said as the country was reviewing its 50 years of independence, it was important for the leadership to remember the people who sacrificed their lives for Zambia to gain its independence.

Mr Chissano said the relationship between Zambia and Mozambique must not only have the chance to be strengthened but that it must be allowed to continue to grow at all levels including trade.

He recalled that he had worked with many political leaders in Zambia such as former President Rupiah Banda, Dr Vernon Mwaanga as well as first republican president Kenneth Kaunda.

“Zambia has remained peaceful and united. You may have many different political parties but you have always been one Zambia one nation. The young generation of leadership that is coming up must draw their energies from the old and correct the mistake of the past. We are brothers but better comrades or better still friends.   I worked with many political leaders such as Elijah Mudenda, Rupiah Banda, Vernon Mwaanga and Dr Kenneth Kaunda and I am happy to be here,” Mr Chissano said.

And Mr Kalaba said the blood that late president Samora Moises Machel shed on the Zambian soil was not only meant for Mozambique but saved Zambia and the entire region.

Mr Kalaba said Mozambique as much as Zambia, was a torch bearer of democracy in the region having had many peaceful elections and transitions and hoped that the elections coming in October would be peaceful and continue uniting the people.

He said in a democracy, leaders come and go and that it was important that elections should continue being held peacefully.

Mr Kalaba said President Michael Sata was happy that Mr Chissano had found time to come to Zambia and that the Head of State was sending his fraternal greetings to President of Mozambique Armando Guebuza.

He said Zambia was happy with the role Mozambique played in bringing peace to the Island of Madagascar for the country to return to political stability.