Conspiracy theory

Why are men of God being used to scandalise the Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda?

Is it because they are naïve to the wiles of decrypt and corrupt humans or because they have a superior understanding of public finance?

Who indeed has put them up to commenting on Government policy based on distorted information? Who indeed leaked and made them privy to classified Government documentation from which they are commenting?

We ask because in the last few days Roman Catholic Priest Fr. Anthony Salangeta, Bishop John Mambo and controversial Anglican Priest Fr.  Richard Luonde have all been paraded as the all-knowing paragons of virtue tutored and versed in public finance.

We ask because the scheme they are participating in is of very high stakes involving the leadership and wellbeing of this country. It is about the Presidency.

It is important for all well-meaning Zambians to learn from recent history and guard against schemes that are designed to destabilise and at worst hijack laid down procedures in the assumption of power.

Nothing should be taken for granted least of all public schemes that emerge with no meaningful background. If indeed Fr. Luonde is privy to Mr Chikwanda’s misdeeds let him lay them bare for the public to make a determination. It is mischievous to pile veiled innuendos and allusions as a means of creating credibility.

It is difficult on the part of Mr Chikwanda’s accusers to provide incriminating evidence because that is not the intention of the campaign.

The campaign mounted by power hungry individuals in this scheme of things is to ensure Mr Chikwanda who handles the national cake is out of the equation.

With Mr Chikwanda out of Government and a Head of State who has withdrawn from the public domain, one shudders to imagine the future ahead.

Zambians should open their eyes and see the preparations for power take over that has happened in the last two years.

Practically all institutions of power have been taken over by a certain group of power hungry individuals who have deceived the public and yet their hearts’ desires have been to draw legitimate power from the rightful office bearers to themselves.

It is now clear that the people behind calls for Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda’s resignation are not interested in justice but playing politics in an effort to favour a certain political grouping in the ruling party.

The grouping, which we have come to know, seems to be on top of things, directing missiles from behind the scenes at a defenceless man.

Many would argue that Mr Chikwanda is a government minister who has the public media at his disposal to communicate his side of the story.

This has not been the case because forces against him appear in control of all public airwaves which Mr Chikwanda could have easily used to state his position.

It is important that Cabinet and indeed the Patriotic Front’s Central Committee wakes up to the raging power struggle.

Forewarned is forearmed.