Our hands are clean-RTSA

THE Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) chief executive officer Zindaba Soko has rubbished claims of corruption in the procurement of the new e-Zambia Transport and Information System (ZAMTIS).

But National Revolution Party president Cosmo Mumba has given Mr. Soko a 72 hour ultimatum to confirm whether the Ministry of Transport, Communication, Works and Supply has not given a go ahead to procure a new e-ZamTIS to replace the current one which needs upgrading.

Mr Soko advised Dr. Mumba not to drag RTSA into politics.

He said the allegations were unfounded as they were aimed at tarnishing the image of the institution.

On Monday, Dr. Mumbaadvised government to halt the procurement of a new e-ZamTIS and instead upgrade the current system. In an interview, Dr. Mumba expressed sadness that RTSA has joined a team of untrust worthy individuals whose main objective was to get huge commission from government contracts.

He said it was shocking that RTSA rubbished the allegations of corruption in the procurement process when even Mr Sokoallegedly made serious recommendations inline with the Anti-CorruptionCommission (ACC) investigations.

Dr. Mumba said it was now time for the nation to know the extent of corruption in the procurement of the ZamTIS.

He challenged Mr.Soko to make available the report he submitted to the Ministry last year concerning the ZamTIS and why he was against theprocurement of a new one.

Dr. Mumba insisted that he would on the lapse of 72 hours ultimatum given to RTSA release all the correspondences concerning the new e-ZamTIS.

“It’s my prayer that he will be strong enough to defend the ministry as he has already started talking although my address was not meant for RTSA but the ministry after going through the document Zindaba Soko authored advising the ministry not to go ahead with the purchase of a new system but to upgrade the one Face Technology supplied and developed for this country,” said Dr. Mumba. And Dr. Mumba has said it was time the board was constituted in order to help organise RTSA.

Dr. Mumba has also challenged the Auditor General to take keen interest in matters at RTSA.