Greed truly knows no colour.

When the story first broke, there was disbelief in some quarters and smirks of utter vindication in others.

Our sanctimonious purveyors of hatred and calumny sighed with self-righteous satisfaction that finally the smoking gun had been discovered. They were sure the money allegedly stolen by second Republican President Frederick Chiluba had been discovered.

A flood of caustic comments followed.

Many Zambians refused to believe that such a story could be anything but a hoax, because no such money exists anywhere in the World. Others were more than ready to believe the story and condemn the former President and his family.

The truth has now come out.

Some gullible Finnish businessmen bought into the story that money “stolen” by Dr. Chiluba would be made available to finance their real estate development on the payment of 1percent of the project cost.

The Finish Company, Sunny Car Centre, then sent £280,000 to South Africa, in the hope of accessing £28million which Mrs Regina Chiluba was holding.

On the first attempt the Finnish government warned them against the transfer which they blocked, but greed overcame them. They secretly circumvented the system and sent the money.

Now they are sitting red faced because they cannot trace the money, and Finnish Police are reluctant to help them because they disregarded the timely warning.

It is a stupid way of getting swindled by Nigerian fraudsters who have in the past decade stolen from many people across the globe but it is criminal that the name of Zambia’s former president was used.

We knew the first time the story broke out on some online media reports that it was nothing but a hoax meant to continue vilifying and slandering Dr Chiluba even in his grave.

We have heard countless tales of how Nigerians have been swindling their unsuspecting victims through financially attractive SOS messages and it is shocking that an established Finnish firm, Sunny Car Center could fall to such a cheap trick believing that Regina Chiluba had an estate, the value of 28 million British Pounds.  

The Finnish Police have confirmed that Sunny Car Centre, developers of a mega shopping mall and vehicle centre were victims of Nigerian fraudsters who have swindled many across the world using the now well-known tactic of baiting their victims with estates of dead rich people. 

Sunny Car Center was warned by both the Finish and South African Police against going ahead with the transaction because the authorities were more than sure that was a fake transaction.

Sunny Car Center chief executive officer Markku Ritaluoma was warned against engaging in such a dubious transaction but the love of money vetoed good business judgment and prudence.