Lafarge unveils voluntary retirement package

THE Lafarge Zambia has invited its employees to consider going on early retirement to reduce on manpower as a way of cutting costs at the giant cement manufacturing plant.

Lafarge Zambia managing director Emmanuel Rigaux said the company expenses in the first quarter of this year have gone up significantly.

“I want to emphasise that the company is providing an opportunities to our employees  to take up early retirement on voluntarily separation with very attractive packages. In addition to this, Lafarge has worked out a social plan which is comprehensive for the separating employees and we will comply with all the rules in this process and we will provide necessary support to our employees.

“We have to make operations very sustainable manner and we recently embarked on an exercise of cost review which has been very comprehensive including raw material, travel expenses …we have to control our costs,” Mr Rigaux said.

He said at the pressing briefing in Chilanga yesterday that the company anticipated that the programme would affect about 30 permanent and pensionable employees.

But Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata said Lafarge should not retrench employees as the company needed them to sustain its business boom. “As a caution on these retrenchments given the economic outlook, the road infrastructure, massive boom is in demand for materials for cement, the resultant in business for an institution such as Lafarge means that Lafarge should scale up production.  “Therefore, it is counter purpose for the Lafarge to retrench workers because you need more people.

But if Lafarge is down scaling because you think that it can make more profit by bringing machinery, there are other interventions that you can look at.”

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  1. I wonder who ever gets more money from the company is it not the managers themselves or is it common employes , who get just a very small fraction of the managers pay sorry to mention this

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