Lusaka Water warns consumers

LUSAKA Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) has advised its customers to avoid over use of water to reduce unnecessary pressure on the system.

LWSC marketing and public relations manager Topsy Sikalinda said in an interview that the summer season brings about increased pressure on the company supply line due to heightened demand because the water table goes down.

Mr Sikalinda said as a result, the number of customers increases as many who depend on private boreholes run out and tap on the main supply line.

“The company experiences a higher number of customers because some private boreholes run dry, while others tend to tap from the neighbours’ lines and thus put pressure on our hydraulics which disturbs the whole system, because then it means someone along the line will have no water,” he said.

Mr Sikalinda has since advised customers who need to water their gardens and surroundings to do so during the night when there was less pressure on the system as well as take advantage of the reduced evaporation from the sun’s heat.

He said the company was already operating under pressure in meeting the current demands in Lusaka, and appealed for cooperation from the customers to avoid unnecessary water shortages for other customers. Lusaka has been experiencing increased water shortages with most private boreholes having run dry soon after the unprecedented 2013/2014 rainy season.