New workers choke Kitwe council

COUNCILLORS at the Kitwe City Council (KCC) are not happy that the Local Government Service Commission (LGSC) has been employing officers on behalf of the council, most of who were not even needed by the council.

Bupe ward councillor John Chilupula said the employing of unwanted officers by the LGSC was not adding any value to the local authority and so the council should find a way of advising the commission against employing staff which the council in Kitwe did not need.

Mr Chilupula said during a full council meeting yesterday that employing unplanned for officers at the council was a cost to the council because they would not contribute to service delivery to the people in the city.

“We are receiving unknown people from the LGSC to come and work at the council, but the problem is that most of these people are not needed at the council. Is there a way of stopping the LGSC from sending unwanted people to come and work at this council?

“These unwanted people are not adding value in the service delivery to the people in Kitwe, if anything, there is a cost to the council,” Mr Chilupula said.

And Kamfinsa Member of Parliament (MP) Moses Chishimba said the council had power to engage the LGSC and discuss with the commission the concerns regarding sending unwanted officers to the council.

Mr Chishimba said the council should state clearly the calibre of people wanted by the council so that the matter was resolved amicably.

“As a council, we have the power to demand from the LGSC the people we want. You should engage them and discuss with them. You should get clearly from LGSC on the calibre of people you want at the council,” Mr Chishimba said.


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  1. Is this only happening in Kitwe? My instinct tells me that if it is happening in Kitwe, it is happening in other councils as well. Daily Nation, kindly investigate.

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